About the Game

The game I'm working on is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game and space simulator. The player can travel space, trade, battle, and scheme for influence in a galaxy filled with rival nations and factions.

The main game play features are:
  • Pursuit of wealth: Trade, mine, harvest, and plunder enemies to build economic power
  • Pursuit of influence: Build allegiances, divide opponents, and exchange favors to build political power
  • Pursuit of war: Configure warships, plan and execute battles, and take part in ongoing wars to build military power
  • Play with multiple characters: Each player has a clan with several characters
  • Emphasis on non-linearity and freedom of action (in contrast to firmly pre-set story lines)
  • Many ways to achieve progress and success in the game. Currently there are six rankings: Wealth, diplomacy, military, professional experience, reputation, trustworthiness
  • Space simulator with consistent and predictable physical behavior
  • Economic simulator that allows players and the game’s nations’ economies to interact
  • Political simulator where relations, actions and missions all affect each other (also indirectly, e.g. attacking someone will also cause hostility from the opponent’s allies)
  • Single-server massively multiplayer, i.e. scalable enough so that all players can interact in the same game instance.

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